Peugeot Service Price Promise

Peugeot Service Price Promise
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With more than 125 years experience in manufacturing vehicles and a strong heritage in motorsport, PEUGEOT know what’s important when it comes to maintaining your PEUGEOT. PEUGEOT Price Promise Program provides you with a quality service for a maximum price nationally for each of the first five (5) scheduled services* (conducted annually or at specified km milestones, whichever occurs first), available at participating PEUGEOT Authorised dealers*

*PEUGEOT Assured Service Price Promise Program applies to all new PEUGEOT vehicles sold on and from 1 August 2017 and is available at participating PEUGEOT dealers. The published price covers all standard scheduled service maintenance items listed under Service Operations at, including genuine PEUGEOT parts, labour, fluids & lubricants and sundries as well as inspections and adjustment of all items listed for that service interval. Items not covered in the published price include (but are not limited to (a) additional service schedule items that may be required due to the vehicle having been driven in arduous or severe conditions, (b) items replaced which are subject to wear and tear eg batteries, ball joints, light bulbs, wiper blades, brake pads, shock absorbers, tyres, wheels, clutches, wheel bearings etc., (c) adjustments that may be required from time to time as a result of normal usage such as noises and vibrations, door, boot and bonnet alignment, wheel alignment and tyre balancing, lock adjustments and headlight alignments, (d) repairs required due to damage caused by accidents, use of non- genuine parts and accessories, poor quality or unsuitable fuel and (e) modifications or conversions by companies not approved by PEUGEOT. For full Program Terms and Conditions click here.

For new PEUGEOT Vehicles sold between 1 January 2015 and 1 August 2017, the PEUGEOT Capped Price Service program will continue to apply. To see terms and conditions of the PEUGEOT Capped Price Service Program visit:

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